Lebanese Promotional Offer Plan

Our Promotional Plan offer

a- Organization of wine tasting dinners in prestigious Hotels or Restaurants in order to comment and promote your wine to a big group of wine lover (40 to 50 people) members of Club Grappe the first Lebanese wine tasting club in Lebanon

b- Organization of premium wine tasting dinners for a selective small group of 10 to 20 wine aficionados at LA MAISON DU SOMMELIER, wine school located in Beirut (few to few marketing – during these nights you can sell your wine by cases and the delivery will be assured for free by LA MAISON DU SOMMELIER)

c- You will represented and promoted by a professional sommelier  at international wine fairs and salons

d- Benefit from at least 6 visits to your winery during the wine trips programs and tours organized by Club Grappe all around the year. During these visits you can sell your wines and make profit from a direct marketing wine tourism opportunity.

e-    As we are into wine business we can provide you with a specific adequate website conception and development execution suitable for online wine purchasing. (this website will be linked to all our websites*  to enhance its online traffic)

f-    You can have a banner or a space  on our websites in order to promote your winery logo or an advertisement link

g-    A periodic newsletter and infos about your winery will be written and highlighted on all our social media groups (FACEBOOK :I love Lebanese Wine, Lebanese Wine Festival, Club Grappe, La Maison du Sommelier)

h-    You will have a free space for a stand to sell and promote your wines during our annual wine festival The LEBANESE FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL

i-    We can help you getting a loan from KAFALAT to become a winery owner by getting a business plan and a feasibility study to present to the bank we are dealing with and get an approval for your loan.

If you will be interested in all these professional wine services call the Lebanese Wine Expert Carlos Khachan to meet and discuss the fees of our offer.

Knowing that we have 250 kinds of Lebanese wines produced from the Bekaa Valley, the South, the North and the Mount of Lebanon, after tasting all Lebanese wines, here is my Selection of Lebanese Premium Wines:

For your inquiries call Sommelier wine expert Carlos Khachan on 03 611 603 or 70 432 640.

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