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Few Words About Us

I love good wine, but I don’t know how to taste it?. How many times we hear these words from people who were not able to go beyond the immediate appreciation of a wine?

It is often enough to a minimum of a personal investment, so the inexhaustible possibilities and richness of tasting open to the amateur! For such a reason, Club Grappe, the first wine tasting club in Lebanon, was created by Dr Carlos Khachan in the year 2002. Our philosophy is quite simple, we teach people how to “read the wine”, to understand its personality, its history. Finally a well analyzed wine reveals all its charms.


Lebanese Private Food Tour

Discover one the best cuisines in the world, Club Grappe propose private full day food tours for 2 to 6 persons.  It includes: Traditional Breakfast/ Traditional Lunch/Traditional Dinner with Lebanese Wine, Beer & Arrac Tasting and Lebanese Honey Tasting. Car Transportation included. For booking:03 611 603  .

Lebanese Private Wine tours

Club Grappe offers Private wine tours with Sommelier Carlos Khachan For booking please call us on: 03 611 603. Private WIne tours are usually organized for two to four persons. A professional sommelier will be driving you from winery to another to make you taste the best Lebanese wineries have to offer.

Lebanese Wine Trips

List of Lebanese Wine Trips organized by Club Grappe (a full board Day (8 hours) - For booking please call us on: 03 611 603 Wine trip to the mountains (Chateau Musar, Trappist Convent St Saviour, St Andrew Castle Monastic Wine Trip (Monastery Mar Chaaya, Mar Musa Monastery, Monastery St…

Lebanese Wine Trips for groups or companies

We propose a wide variety of lebanese wine tours to the major regions in Lebanon: Bekaa Lebanese Wine Trips North Lebanese Wine Trips West Bekaa and Jezzine Lebanese Wine Trips


Dr Carlos Khachan speaks about the wine industry in Lebanon

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